Abduction is a severe offense that often involves the use of coercion, force, and deceit to deprive an individual of their control or freedom over their movements.


An acquittal is the absolution of a defendant from the charge(s) filed against them. This could be taken in two ways.

Active Judge

An active judge is an individual who is in full-time service to the court. An active judge could also be an individual who holds the role of a district court judge or a statutory county court judge.

Adversary Proceeding

Explore the intricacies of an adversary proceeding in law. Uncover its purpose, process, and implications in legal disputes and bankruptcy cases.


Dive into the legal world of affidavits. Discover their purpose, format, and their crucial role in various legal proceedings. Uncover the art of effective sworn statements


Explore the legal concept of affirmed Understand its implications in court decisions and how it solidifies judgments. Uncover the power of legal affirmation.

Alford Plea

Unlock the legal intricacies of the Alford Plea. Learn its uses, implications, and the unique scenarios where this nuanced legal strategy comes into play.


An allegation is defined as a claim made by one party against another, declaring that an act committed against them is true. It is often considered a formal statement made by the plaintiff that the actions of the defendant are true. Although some allegations are based on facts, most of them are based on information and belief.

Alternate Juror

Jurors are citizens who are selected by the district court to be part of a jury. The jury listens to all the facts and findings of the case. The jury will also have to consider the arguments and counterarguments put forth by the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s). The jury analyzes all the available information and makes an impartial decision.

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