Refund Policy

Legal Analysis ensures all our contributors’ posts are published immediately after approval. However, there are instances where unforeseen circumstances or administrative issues may prevent the timely publishing of articles.

In such situations, Legal Analysis offers full refunds to the contributor. If a contributor has submitted an article and the article isn’t published within 3 business days or 72 hours from the date of submission, the sum you paid will be refunded.

You will be notified through email if we have refunded the sum you paid. Successful refunds will appear on your bank statements.

Refunds are made only to the original payment method used. We will not refund the sum to a different destination, card, or bank.

Legal Analysis will initiate a refund after 3 days. However, it does not take responsibility for any delays from your bank or card company. This includes any fees charged by the payment portal, the bank, or the card company.