Active Judge

Active Judge

An active judge is an individual who is in full-time service to the court. An active judge could also be an individual who holds the role of a district court judge or a statutory county court judge.

In addition to their traditional responsibilities, an active judge also plays the role of a protector of constitutional principles and adapts to the ever-changing dynamics of society.

Here are a few areas that an active judge concentrates on.

Interpretation of the Law:

As an active judge, it is their responsibility to have a thorough understanding of the law. Not just understanding, an active judge also strives to analyze the reason for the existence of the law. They have an in-depth understanding of the various statutes and case precedents and use that knowledge to look at a case from a different perspective.

By having a deep understanding of the law, the active judge can be a point of reference for making legal clarifications as well.

Promote Justice and Fairness:

The role of a judge is more than just giving verdicts. With the understanding an active judge has of the legal system, they work to address the wrongdoings and social inequities that exist in the modern world. They take on each case with the intention of providing a fair and impartial ruling that upholds the Constitution.


With an ever-changing society come new challenges. The legal landscape has been evolving to tackle the different challenges that creep up every now and then. As active judges, they are updated on all the latest legal trends, societal issues, and technological advancements that may or may not have legal ramifications.

Thanks to this knowledge, they are well-equipped to tackle fresh challenges and make valuable contributions to building/developing a legal system that doesn’t discriminate and caters to the needs and values of society.

Protecting Constitutional Principles:

Constitutional principles are the pillars of any society. This is true in the case of the legal system as well. The role of an active judge demands that they protect constitutional principles at all costs and make sure the principles stay relevant at all times.

To achieve this, an active judge examines the legislation and governmental actions to make sure they comply with the provisions of the Constitution. You can expect an active judge to interfere when there’s a violation of constitutional rights.

Supporting Judicial Freedom:

Lack of political interference in the judiciary is vital to upholding the rights of citizens. The freedom to bring anyone under the law, irrespective of their political power, is what judicial independence is all about.

An understanding of the importance of judicial freedom and its importance in maintaining the rule of law is something that every active judge knows about. This helps them make honest and evidence-backed decisions that support constitutional principles.

An active judge works hard to maintain the public’s trust and confidence in the judiciary. They achieve this by making unbiased decisions that don’t have political or societal influences.

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