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People in the US started filing lawsuits against talcum powder companies. It all began with the tale that Johnson & Johnson baby powder causes cancer. Plaintiffs from all 50 states of the USA started filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of talcum powder. The reason behind the talcum powder lawsuit is that it causes mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. The claim against the talcum powder lawsuit is that they failed to warn about mesothelioma and ovarian cancer.

Issues in talcum powder

Talc has been used in various cosmetic products, including

  • Baby powder
  • Makeup

For the manufacturing of the talcum powder, asbestos is used. Both talc and asbestos are naturally occurring minerals that are often mined in a combined way. The asbestos consists of carcinogens, which cause some severe health issues while using the talcum powder.

Awareness about asbestos and its harmful effects has increased over recent years. However, issues regarding asbestos have also been created. A small percentage of asbestos contamination is found in talcum powder. This minimal amount of asbestos can be detected in talcum powder. Consistent allegations about the talcum powder raise legal concerns.

People from multiple states started to file lawsuits because the talc and asbestos contamination was harmful to their babies. As a result, people from various states in the U.S. started filing lawsuits against the talcum powder manufacturers. Johnson and Johnson, one of the most popular talcum powder manufacturers, have filed lawsuits. The lawsuit was later named the Johnson and Johnson lawsuit or the Johnson and Johnson baby lawsuit.

Timeline of the talcum powder lawsuit

Most of the talcum powder lawsuits were based on product liability. In these lawsuits, victims claim to hold the manufacturers accountable for making talcum powder. On the other hand, defendants were left liable because of the unreasonably dangerous or defective product.

This talcum powder lawsuit has been going on for a while, collecting evidence that includes a complete diagnosis of the plaintiff’s health problems because of the talcum powder. The collection of evidence included is

  • Picture of the victim loses
  • Current and future medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Physical and mental pain

Johnson and Johnson baby powder lawsuits

In October 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a study for a year about talcum powder and cosmetic products, after finding that asbestos is used in cosmetics and baby powders. Johnson and Johnson's baby lawsuit was filed by the parents in 50 states because of the asbestos used in the talcum powder.

In April 2020, Johnson and Johnson baby lawsuits began to be filed because they cause cancer. After this, Johnson and Johnson announced that they would no longer sell Johnson talcum powder in the U.S. or Canada.

As of July 2022, Johnson and Johnson had announced that 38,000 cases were related to asbestos in talc products and had paid almost $4 billion as a settlement.

In August 2022, Johnson and Johnson stated that they would pull all talcum powder in 2023.

Who is eligible for a talcum powder lawsuit?

If you are affected by using talcum powder and have ovarian cancer or mesothelioma, then you are eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit.

For women who have used talcum powder for four years and who have been suffering from ovarian cancer for four or more years during the initial stages of ovarian cancer. If not, then you should be diagnosed with ovarian cancer or mesothelioma after the year 2000 between the ages of 22 and 65.

Filing baby powder lawsuits

In the U.S., all states follow statutes of limitations that vary from state to state, which is a crucial factor to determine while filing lawsuits. Talcum powder and baby powder lawsuits are product liability cases in which the statute of limitations for the states varies from 2 to 10 years. But most statutes are within the duration of 2 years.

Seeking a legal opinion from your attorney will help you file the lawsuit. Also, if you are eligible for compensation, then your attorney will help you to get the maximum compensation for your claim.

How can you join the baby powder class action lawsuit?

Both the talcum powder and baby powder lawsuits are mostly product liability cases, some of which are class action lawsuits.

So if you are looking to file a talcum powder lawsuit or a Johnson baby powder lawsuit, approach the attorney about filing the lawsuit. Also, get the legal opinion of the attorney to get the maximum compensation for your claim.

How long does the baby Powder lawsuit take?

As of now most baby powder lawsuits are product liability cases. These cases take months or even years, depending on the claims. But some of them are class action lawsuits that have been settled for the victims who have claimed compensation. The Johnson and Johnson powder settlement ranges from &10000. As the victim claims, the settlement amount can vary according to them.


Thousands of lawsuits have been filed for the talcum powder lawsuit and the baby powder lawsuit by the plaintiffs. More than a billion dollars have been paid in settlements for individual plaintiffs and class action lawsuits. The settlement of the baby powder lawsuit starts at $100,000 U.S. dollars for the individual plaintiffs and plaintiffs who filed the class action lawsuit. As of now, according to the latest talcum powder lawsuit update, talcum powder companies like Johnson and Johnson have agreed to pay $6.48 billion for causing ovarian cancer.

Johnson and Johnson said that the recognition plan for the subsidiary was introduced for people who are diagnosed with and currently suffering from ovarian cancer. Also, they have given a three-month solicitation period for those who are affected by ovarian cancer. Johnson and Johnson had made the counterargument that 75% of the claimants supported the solicitation process.

The remaining personal injury cases were related to the mesothelioma lawsuit. They have also mentioned that 95% of the remaining lawsuits filed are up-to-date. Johnson and Johnson mentioned that they continue to maintain the safety standards for their products.

When it comes to the talcum powder lawsuit update, Johnson and Johnson agreed to pay 45 million for the people who are diagnosed and affected by cancer.

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