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Prose is a start-up company that has been developing customized hair products since 2017. The hair care products include

  • shampoos
  • conditioners
  • masks
  • serums 

Based on the needs and requirements of the customers and the ingredients that specialized professionals make. Prose has expanded its business substantially, and it has also secured its business through funding over 33 million.

Through popular promotions and positive PR work, they have made immense profits apart from their estimated profit. But for some customers, prose customized hair products cause some serious side effects, or in some cases, the customers don’t get the expected results as they mentioned in the product.

The unsatisfied customers filed a lawsuit against the prose. In this blog, we will discuss the prose hair lawsuit.

Customer allegations in the prose hair lawsuit

The allegations emerged regarding the prose hair lawsuit by the consumer named Sarah. Sarah accused the prose of severe hair damage, which is developed by prose. Also, Sarah argued that he bought the product because of the promotions that involved luscious looks and customized hair needs according to the customer's needs. The results were negative. Also, Sarah has brittle and damaged hair because of the use of prose-customized hair products. Similar to Sarah, many customers have allegations regarding the prose customized hair products.

Though the incident happened to Sara, it was not rare or unique in a prose hair lawsuit. After a certain period of time of publishing a story online about using the prose customized hair product. His main concern in the allegation is that using the prose  customized hair product that she got the

  • hair loss 
  • Scalp products
  • Adverse side effects

This review on social media platforms spread across a wide range of people. Many people started mentioning the allegation regarding the Prose customized hair product. The prose hair lawsuit emerges from the weaker phase. It evolves fast in the strong phase. The word received more people on social media than ever imagined. This makes other people file Prose hair class action lawsuits for their customized hair products. On the other hand, many other individuals have concealed their allegations about the prose-customized hair product.

Victims' Argument for the Prose Hair Lawsuit

There are some of the main aspects of legal arguments were made during the prose hair lawsuit. That is

  • Product Liability 
  • Failed to mention the efficacy of the product. Another argument made by the victim is that they failed to mention how efficiently it works for bald people. Also, it failed to mention how long people should wait to get the desired results based on their hair conditions. 
  • The prose hair product failed to explain the individual hair conditions and how well it works on their hair. Also, it varies from the individuals who use the customized hair product the results are different to the results that they mentioned in the product.
  • The victims who have filed prose hair lawsuits argued that prose customized hair products had not undergone the proper testing to ensure the safety of the customers.
  • The other aspect is that they negligently developed the prose customized hair products for hair solutions without ensuring the safety of the customer.
  • The victims stated that the prose hair product failed customer safety and failed the duty of care, which is vital for the company.
  • The duty of care involves checking the quality of the product before releasing it. Also, they breached their duty of care by making harmful products for customers.
  • The victim also charged the prose customized product with false advertising. That promotes false information to the customer, which is that the serum works for the individuals whom they specified get affected by this product. On the other hand, the prose created unrealistic misconceptions among the customers by giving false hope.
  • Another argument made by the victim side is that promoting their customized hair product is a good way to make more customers buy a harmful product and fail in terms of serving the good product to their expectations.

Prose argument against the lawsuit

The prose argument is vigorous and denies all the allegations made by the victim. Some of the main aspects of the prose hair lawsuit are

  • Their arguments against the victim were adamant, and the reason for the hair thinning was that for a normal human, the hair shed would be up to 100 in a day.
  • Prose also stated that less than 1% of people were complaining about their customized hair products.
  • Another argument is that they defend that they do the proper testing and that the ingredients used in the product are completely safe. 
  • Prose argued that they have made quality products with the team, and their products have a good efficacy rate. Also, they stated that the experts have tested and qualified the customized hair product.
  • In the prose hair lawsuit, the prose defends against the victim by ensuring the consumer's safety during the development of the product. Also, they ensured that they expertised team for testing and research about the product.
  • They do not agree with the argument of the plaintiff that they have harmful chemicals in the product. However, the prose has stated that they do not have any harmful chemicals.

Prose hair lawsuit Compensation

After years of Prose hair lawsuits, both parties agreed to a confidential settlement. It is believed that the prose has agreed on the terms of the plaintiff in the prose hair lawsuit. The parties who have undergone their marketing and product labeling practices.

Also, prose has mentioned that they will follow transparency and accountability in the development of customized hair products. They ensure that they will focus on the

  • Quality of the product 
  • Marketing
  • Highlighting the needs of the companies
  • Prioritizing consumer safety

The prose hair lawsuit has brought some significant changes to other companies. Companies working in the beauty industry have changed their standards to ensure customer safety. For selling the product to the customers, the customization and the personalization are the expectations of the customers. It is important for companies to ensure customer safety, and customers should know about the ingredients used in the product.  In this prose, a hair lawsuit is filed because of the lack of transparency and the efficacy of the customized hair product. Also, the prose customer hair product failed to create brand awareness, which includes mentioning the ingredients, harmful products used, or how efficiently it is used in the particular product.


The prose hair lawsuit has created awareness and raised some questions in the beauty industry. The questions were about the

  • Product Liability
  • consumer protection
  • Product Liability
  • corporate responsibility

The prose hair lawsuit signifies accountability and transparency when they sell it to customers. Another main aspect is the prose hair lawsuit has the difficulties between advertising and consumer safety for the customers. If you are a victim of using the prose customized hair product, then join the prose hair lawsuit. we have mentioned how to get compensation and who is eligible to join the prose hair lawsuit.

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