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In most states in the United States, the married couple has the right to legal separation. That is, if you are having questions about whether I need a divorce lawyer, I would like to know if we agree on everything on the basis of legal terms. According to the legal proceedings, legal separation is possible without the help of a divorce lawyer, but there is a step-by-step procedure for that. So, if you are deciding to separate from your partner, then you should mention the assets and the monetary aspects that you expect from the partner. At present, more couples prefer legal separation rather than divorce for legal, financial, or religious reasons or a test period before filing for a divorce.

In general, legal separation allows the couple to live a separate life while legally married to address issues such as

  • Financial responsivities
  • Parenting responsibilities 

So, if you have questions regarding that, do you need a divorce lawyer for legal separation? Then don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss the legal separation and the role of a divorce lawyer in detail.

Filing a divorce without an attorney

If you have questions regarding this, do I need a lawyer for a divorce? The answer is quite simple: Filing a divorce without the help of an attorney is applicable in most states of America. Apart from that, legal separation and divorce seem similar. Legal separation also gives the rights to the couple for 

  • Alimony 
  • Child support
  • Custody
  • Visiting rights
  • Distribution of assets
  • Debts and property

After the legal separation, both parties will become independent legal entities.

Once the couple gets legally separated, they will continuously get covered by a working spouse healthcare program, and they are also eligible for military benefits because they are not divorced. However, for divorce, after the final settlement, only the child will get all the benefits. However, the legal separation petitions and divorce petitions are the same. If you have decided to file for divorce and you have questions regarding “ Do I need a divorce attorney?” It is possible that you can file a divorce without the help of a lawyer. Also, follow these steps to file a divorce without the help of a lawyer.

Decide where to file a divorce.

Before filing the petition for divorce, check for the state and locality, and make sure your requirements match according to the particular state. After you file for divorce, typically, you and your spouse should live together for six months. Before that, the court will allow you to file a divorce.

Filing the divorce depends upon the county or parish because, in us, the law varies from state to state. So it Is important to check the county or parish and also check if it meets your requirements for the divorce.

Know the requirements for filing a divorce in a relevant state

Apart from this, if you are filing for divorce in another state, then make sure you are living in a particular locality. If you are not living in a particular locality, then you have to live there over a period of time.

In the USA, some states will agree with covenant marriage. For convenience, marriage requires additional information that you should attend the marriage counsel. Along with that, you have to prove that something went wrong.

Work with your spouse to come out of a court argument 

There are two types of divorce 

  • Contested divorce 
  • Uncontested divorce

In a contested divorce, if you are thinking about whether you need a divorce lawyer, the answer is yes, you need a divorce lawyer. It is part of your role to collect the evidence and submit it in the court hearing. Also, the evidence should be appealing to the court. If you are not approaching the divorce lawyer, then things may get a little complicated in collecting the evidence and presenting it in court. If not, then the evidence is not accepted by the court. So before deciding, just think about picking an option.

In an uncontested divorce, if a couple agrees to divorce mutually and you have questions, Do I need a divorce lawyer if we agree on everything? The answer is that you don’t need a divorce lawyer once you and your spouse have made the decision about child custody and shared marital assets. All these things can be done by you based on the legal proceedings. Also, while filing a divorce, mention child custody and the divorce settlement process.

Filing the paperwork with the court

Make sure you complete the proper paperwork while filing the divorce. Also, inform the spouse about the divorce policy. 

You should submit all the necessary forms and legal documents to be submitted in court for the divorce process.

  • Summons
  • Divorce petition
  • Proof of service
  • Waiver of service of process

In us, the court provides DIY forms and the services that they provide online. Online, you can buy the forms and know about how to file a divorce. After filing the divorce, make sure that you have attached all the necessary documents for the paperwork you have done. This is the place where Do you need a divorce lawyer for filing the divorce process. Hiring a divorce lawyer will help you to reduce the complications in filing the divorce and submitting the legal documents.

Complete the pre-trial requirements.

Completing the pre-trial requirements involves requesting temporary orders from the court before the completion of the trial. This includes 

  • Child custody
  • Financial Disclosure
  • Provide information to guardian

Go to court.

If you are filing for an uncontested divorce, then you should go to the court to finalize the divorce. Also, keep in mind that at the time of the hearing, you should submit the legal documents and specify your requirements to the judge. Based on this, the judge will make decisions for your case.

Do both parties need a divorce lawyer? 

If you are having questions about Do I need a divorce lawyer if my spouse has one or you are unaware of do both parties need an attorney in a divorce Then this session is for you. The problem with both parties hiring the same divorce lawyer is that the lawyer may be biased toward the known person for getting all benefits to one party. On the other hand, knowing the legal terms may seem to be a difficult process, and it is not advisable. So, it is necessary for you to hire a divorce lawyer. 


If you want to file a divorce, approach the tribunal website in your state of residence. In the US, laws vary from state to state. Fill in all the necessary information and legal documents on the site to file the petition for divorce. Filing the divorce without the divorce attorney's help, things may get a little complicated. So be careful in submitting the legal documents and specify all your needs while filing the divorce. Based on this, the judge makes a decision for your case.

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